Iceland Day 2: It’s really cold, Try touch my red nose with your cheek loll.

Day 2 before doing anything check the link below

Weather forecast :

Road condition :

This is important to check the weather and road condition everyday because we came in winter sometimes the weather might be too bad for our car to pass.

First stop, after having breakfast at the hotel
We are here at Whales of Iceland it’s an exhibition which tell you all the detail of whales that live around Iceland


After that we stop by Kringlan (mall) for snack, simcard, and coffee.

Don’t forget to try Te & Kaffi 


Today is so clouded, all we can do is hope that we can see a northern light.

Only a short ride from the town we reach Akranes Lighthouse

It’s a nice stop to visit to see the view on the top or enjoying some lighthouse information.


After we drive out  from Akranes it’s start to snow and cover some part of the road.



Just a short walk from the parking lots you will see this beautiful waterfall. There’re also nice restaurant and a good stop for restroom.

And also a nice walking trail near the parking lots.


Beam try to fly our little drone (spark)


Like we told you earlier that the weather is a bit cloudy plus windy our spark keep lost the signal. we afraid it might fall so we only get the photo below.



It’s fantastic along the track we walk through. ummm… the snow is a bit deep.


It’s nearly 5pm and the sun already set.


Our hotel for tonight is Hotel Borgarnes

I give 10/10 to the bed!!!


Near the hotel we found The Settlement Center Restaurant


Very good Icelandic menu we delighted.


In the restaurant there’re gift shop and Saga Exhibition zone for you to enjoy after meal.



The menu we recommend

Grillsteikt hrossafillet dagsins – spyrjið þjóninn (Hægt að fá laktósalausan)

Grilled fillet of horse – of the day. Ask the waiter (Can be made lactose free)


After dinner we check our app and it said tonight northern light is KP4.
We drive out to find a spot that doesn’t bother by the town light… but sadly it’s too clouded…. never mind this is just day 2 we still have time T__T .


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