Iceland Day 1 Let The Journey Begin

ICELAND, snow wide field, clear sky, fresh water, and northern light.

also local horse that will sneak though your pocket for snack.

Hello everyone, finally our first travel blog. (applaud^^)

first of all we would like to apologise if we made any mistake or spell wrong. 

Beam with Yuu, we love to travel together, take photo, test awesome food.

sometimes we just chill out in downtown do some cafe hopping.

sometimes we search for adventure or nature.

we would love to share out story in every place that we went together.

well, let’s go to our very first story.

Iceland the country that located in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean.

Before we plan our trip, I picture Iceland might look like antarctica where there only ice and snow around us. 

But after we do some research WoooWWW  this island is so beautiful.

so many green in summer, water falls, Volcano, and cute little town along the shore. 

P.s. we went around late November to mid of December so lots of snow!!!

Day 1-01.jpg

After long flight from Bangkok, Thailand via Helsinki, Finland 

Finally we arrive safely at Keflavik international airport 

Thanks to Finnair that provide smoothest flight we ever have, there no turbulence all flight was so smooth that we have a really good sleep.

When we got every luggages first meal we have is at Joe & The Juice cafe in airport. 

There is a bank near the cafe call “Arion Banki” you can get currency card, It’s like credit card you can top up the card and use it everywhere in Iceland the card is accepted everywhere. 

Day 1-02.jpg

The moment we first felt the ice cold wind from outside of the airport gate is really chill and fresh

The tip of our nose turn red and it feels like we touch the ice.

Well after a long flight we design to get some relax and shower first so we head to Blue Lagoon Iceland.

Day 1-03

Blue Lagoon is not far from the airport.

The time that we arrive it is the time that we book the table in Lava restaurant.

Day 1-04.jpg

After finish our lunch we just sit and chill for awhile before get in to hot spring.

The entrance for changing room separate men and women inside so many shower room but it still not enough compare with the number of tourist.

After change to our swimsuit it time to enjoy the outdoor hot spring.

Day 1-05 copy.jpg

There is a free facial & body mask zone in hot spring area.

We brought the PREMIUM package so they provide sandals and we can choose 2 mark (white and green)

For Yuu her skin is really sensitive but she said she love the green mask very much. You should try too.

Day 1-06.jpg

We survey around the lagoon there is out door zone, water fall, indoor pool, cave??, and jacuzzi.

This is really good for relaxing your body. 

Around 4pm it’s getting dark so we come up and get change because it’s start to feel freezing.

Day 1-07 copy.jpg

Next, we go straight to Reykjavik 

We stop by Bonus supermarket to but some drink an snack before go to the hotel.

Day 1-08

We were drive very slow because of the speed limit sign and snow.

Also this is the first time for us to drive left hand side of the road. ^^

For our first night we slept at Fosshotel Lind, we didn’t know it so close to the walking street until our last day here in Iceland. 

Day 1-09 copy.jpg

Our first day of adventure so excited and super cold 

Thank you interesting in our blog 

will upload  day 2 very soon



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